Brooklyn Party The Rub’s 15th Anniversary Mix Is a Swell Soundtrack for Your Summer Weekend

For the last decade and a half, the DJ’s of Brooklyn’s The Rub have thrown a monthly party beloved for its sweaty unpretentious energy and cosmopolitan mix of hip-hop, dancehall, dusty soul and funk, and whatever else the crew feels like playing that night. On Saturday, they’re throwing a 15th anniversary bash at their current headquarters the Bell House, and today, SPIN is premiering a mix they specially crafted for the occasion. Beginning with Freeway‘s immortal “What We Do,” it runs from ’00s rap to up-to-the-minute fare from Vince Staples and DJ Khaled, from classic breakbeats to spacey ’90s house. It’s a perfect companion for your upcoming summer weekend, whether you’re dancing in a Brooklyn bar or just kicking it in the backyard. Hear it below and get the info for the anniversary party here.


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