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The Darkness – “All The Pretty Girls”

Taylor Swift and I have many things in common, but one of the quirkier items in the shared area of our Venn diagram is this: I love the Darkness and she loves the Darkness. Eerie? I guess, kinda, but like I said, for all practical purposes, we are basically the same person. THAT SAID: I hesitated to write up this new Darkness track because holy fuck that cover art is honestly maybe the literal worst I have ever seen. It makes me embarrassed to be a Darkness fan, and if you know anything about the Darkness, you know that’s really saying something.

Still, here I am, writing up this new Darkness track. It’s called “All The Pretty Girls” and it’s the first single off the band’s newly announced fifth LP, Pinewood Smile. It’s not the best Darkness song of all time but it’s also not the worst, and even if it were the worst, it would still be better than most bands’ upper-tier filler. I haven’t heard the album yet, but if history is any indicator, the thing will have at least two (and possibly as many as four) flat-out fucking bangers that accumulate triple-digit play counts in my Spotify data. But … look, I genuinely detest that cover art. For real, it’s gonna give me nightmares. Anyway, enough about me. Here’s the music!

Pinewood Smile is out 10/6 via Cooking Vinyl. Pre-order that sucker right here.

This article originally appeared on Stereogum