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Watch Metallica Invite an Adorable Little Girl to Take Lars Ulrich’s Spot Behind the Drums

There’s a fun section of Metallica’s current set in which the band moves from their mammoth main setup to a smaller mini-stage that protrudes into the audience. James Hetfield talks a bit about the band’s early days, when they played California nightclubs and couldn’t afford the baffling pyrotechnic displays with which they currently tour, and they rip into a shitkicking version of “Seek and Destroy,” from their classic first album Kill ‘Em All. As our friends at Stereogum point out, during a recent show in Detroit, Lars Ulrich took Hetfield’s monologue as an opportunity to lift a little girl named Kendalynn out of the crowd, give her some sticks, and put her behind the drum set. Maybe he was starting to take all of James’s stuff about the glory of their younger days to heart.

The kid pulled off an impressive little snare roll and bashed the hi-hats a few times, and then Lars took over for the beginning of the proper song. Watch it below via Metallica’s Twitter.

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