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Kesha Bounced Back From Her Failed Attempt To Hug Jerry Seinfeld By Hugging Bob Dylan

You’ve seen Kesha’s awkward attempt to hug Jerry Seinfeld on a red carpet last month, and you’ve read Seinfeld’s assessment of the incident. Now the rogue hugger herself has finally weighed in on the matter.

As Jezebel points out, Kesha discussed it in a SiriusXM interview, explaining that she “felt like I was five years old” when she spotted Seinfeld in the flesh because “I’ve seen every episode a thousand times! I used to carry the whole season package with me everywhere in my carry-on — like, DVDs!” Ultimately, she admits that having seen the hugging episode of Seinfeld, “I should have known better,” noting, “I somehow ended up in my very own mini-episode of Seinfeld for like five seconds.”

Kesha also explains that not long after the Seinfeld incident went down, an embrace from Bob Dylan helped her regain her confidence to liberally dole out hugs:

I had a moment when I thought to myself, “Maybe I should stop trying to hug everyone and, like, attack them,” and then I was like, “Fuck that. No. I like hugging. Hugging is magical. Hugging is beautiful. It’s this beautiful exchange of wonderful soul energy, of like, “I accept you.” It’s just the most beautiful connection. Then the most wonderful thing happened. My idol in life, Bob Dylan, agreed to meet up with me because we were playing the same festival. And I was so scared because I had just got hug-denied. I was like a little hug-traumatized. So I just walked up and I just kind of like stood there and smiled, and he just opened his beautiful arms and gave me the most wonderful, healing Bob Dylan hug that I have ever dreamt of, and I just could care less about anything else. And he gave me another hug at the end of our conversation, so I got two Bob Dylan hugs.

Listen to the segment below.

This article originally appeared on Stereogum.