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Frankie Rose – “Red Museum”

Frankie Rose recently announced a new solo album, Cage Tropical, with a single called “Trouble.” Today, we’ve got a second peek, the watercolor-dreamy “Red Museum.” The song opens with chiming guitars, as Rose’s gently acidic voice assures us that nothing’s true and nothing can last. At the chorus, “Red Museum” opens up, channeling original Twin Peaks muse Julee Cruise’s ethereal classic “Falling.”

According to Rose, “‘Red Museum’ is a love song. It is a portrait of the kind of fearful thoughts that can run through a person’s head upon the possibility of caring for another person.” The video, directed by and co-starring L.A.-based musician/performance artist Geneva Jacuzzi, situates the track in a gallery filled with veiled figures, textile sculptures, and video monitors. Watch below.

Cage Tropical is out August 11 from Slumberland/Grey Market. Preorder it here.

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