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Game of Thrones Survived Ed Sheeran’s Musical Cameo

As promised, Ed Sheeran appeared on the Game of Thrones season premiere last night. You know what? It was fine. As part of a unit of twenty-something soldiers from Kings Landing, he sang a song with his mates as Arya Stark rode quietly into the scene (It’s known that Sheeran was contracted for the show in part to surprise Maisie Williams, a big fan). The song, about how being with a lady is way better than money and fighting and stuff, was apparently composed by GoT house composer Ramin Djawadi from lyrics in George R.R. Martin’s books. Then Arya sat down with the friendly and respectful soldiers (a true rarity on this show when a character comes across roving bands in the woods) and learned a short lesson about how sometimes your enemies are just like you.

So no, Arya doesn’t kill Sheeran, and no, he doesn’t say much, but there’s a lot of his smirking, cherubic, pumpkin-like face taking up screen room. If you didn’t know it was Sheeran, you wouldn’t care or think twice about it at all. Watch the scene below.