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Coldplay – “Miracles (Someone Special)” ft. Big Sean

You can’t make this stuff up, folks: Our man Chris Martin and the Coldplay team actually recruited one of hip-hop’s premier cornballs, Big Sean, to rap on a song on their new EP, “Miracles.” The play has served up a mellow house-adjacent beat that could easily be cribbed from a Drake or the Weeknd album and layered a Nile Rodgers guitar line over it to remind us that a rock band is playing this. It’s only on the chorus that they dial in the soaring, Sting-in-the-EDM-era vibes they tend to default to these days. “Get a degree, good job, 401(k),” Sean babbles, debating the trajectories we all take in life as well as his own (“I could be the new Ali / Of music, prolly”). Wow, what a team! The befuddling thing is: somehow it kind of goes. Listen below.