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Twin Peaks – “Who It’s Gonna Be”

We are now in a slightly uncomfortable reality where Twin Peaks, the Chicago rock band, and Twin Peaks, the reality-melting TV show, are existing at the same time. Also, the Twin Peaks TV show ends most episodes with footage of an indie rock band performing, so if you click on the “Twin Peaks” tag on this website, you will find a senseless pileup of both Twin Peakses. (Twin Peaks the band will probably not appear on Twin Peaks the TV show anytime soon, but who knows.) In any case, Twin Peaks the band have just come out with a new song called “Who It’s Gonna Be.” It’s a calm, pretty rocker, and it’s part of Amazon’s Songs of Summer original playlist. Listen to it below, via Consequence of Sound.

You can check out that Amazon playlist here.

This post originally appeared on Stereogum.