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Bernie-Loving Phish Drummer Jon Fishman Wins Maine Local Election

Congratulations to Phish drummer and namesake Jon Fishman, who recently won a local election to the Board of Selectmen in Lincolnville, Maine, his hometown of the last decade, the Associated Press reports. Fishman will take one of five seats on the board, which functions as a sort of city council for the small beachside community.

We first learned of Fishman’s candidacy back in April, when he said he’d been inspired by Bernie Sanders’ presidential run:

“Bernie was saying, ‘Look at all of you people who got on the Sanders campaign and cared about these issues, you should run for your local offices, your school boards, your select boards and committees,’” said Fishman. “Public service is needed across the board, so I guess that kind of sentiment just sat with me.”

There’s an easy joke to be made here about how membership in a jam band like Phish makes Fishman uniquely qualified to sit through the long and frequently boring board meetings that will surely come along with his new municipal position, but we’re not going to make it. Best of luck to you, Jon.