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Hellfest Audience Member Throws A Jug At Linkin Park When They Play Their New Pop Hit

Linkin Park performed Sunday at the French heavy metal festival Hellfest, where they got a decidedly mixed reception. Specifically, the rock-oriented crowd wilded out to Linkin Park’s hard-hitting material but pushed back when they played “Heavy” and “Invisible,” singles from their poppy new album One More Light. Frontman Chester Bennington has been confrontational about the band’s new direction this year, telling fans to “move the fuck on,” but in a series of tweets today he takes a more passive-aggressive tone. Bennington notes that when Linkin Park launched into “Heavy,” some audience members flipped him off, but he responded by blowing kisses, which turned those middle fingers into heart hands. He also recalls seeing confused stares when the band played “Invisible” and says he loves Linkin Park’s French fans. What he doesn’t mention is that one person threw a jug at him during the intro to “Heavy,” as you can see in the video below.

Physically attacking a band is never OK, but Bennington did say he would punch you in the mouth if you call them sell-outs, so consider the jug toss a preemptive strike, I guess? Read Bennington’s full Hellfest tweetstorm below.

This post originally appeared at Stereogum.