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Watch Jay Z Pretend to Have a Friendly Chat With Kevin Hart for a Photo

(Exclusive Coverage) attends the Roc Nation Pre-GRAMMY Brunch Presented by MAC Viva Glam at Private Residence on January 25, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California.

Rihanna wasn’t the only celebrity of note in attendance at last night’s NBA Finals came. Kevin Hart and Jay Z were there, too. However, their presence at the game isn’t as important as you knowing that they’re friends, they smile together, and like shaking each other’s hands.

After the game, Jay Z met up with Hart and appeared to have a light-hearted conversation. The gesture seems kind of standard since they’ve been pictured together before (the above image is from Roc Nation’s Pre-Grammy Brunch back in 2014). Sadly, there’s a twist: Hart and Jay Z merely pretended to have a light-hearted conversation for a picture. In the below clip, Hov is heard saying, “Heh, heh, heh, heh. Take a picture while we’re talking. Heh, heh, heh, heh.”

Although you’d have no reason to believe Hart and Jay Z aren’t actually cool with each other, it makes you wonder about all the candid and friendly black superstar photos over the years. How many of them are genuine? I know they’re not all part of some multi-billion dollar cabal who’s been secretly plotting to corner the cocoa butter industry, but I want to believe.

But bless everyone involved because the photo came out great.

Watch Jay Z Pretend to Have a Friendly Chat With Kevin Hart for a Photo