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Watch Ed Sheeran Almost Die on Carpool Karaoke

Ed Sheeran guested on the latest installment of Carpool Karaoke, the James Corden bit where he drives with famous people and induces them to sing along with famous songs. Carpool Karaoke is a lot, and this edition is especially a lot—if you never wanted to watch Ed Sheeran poke James Corden’s nipple as they duet on “Shape of You,” you should probably sit this one out. They also sing two other of Sheeran’s songs, as well as One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” all while accompanied by Sheeran’s acoustic guitar and not by the radio—something that, again, may be too extra. But in the midst of all this preening happiness is a bizarre segment where Corden and Sheeran try to stuff as many chocolate-covered malt balls into their mouths as possible.

Why? Here is where the stitches of Carpool Karaoke begin to show: The bit begins when Corden mentions he remembers reading that Sheeran can fit 47 malt balls into his mouth. Oddly enough, it just so happens he’s got a jar of them in the car. Nice try, James, but we know it was planned with Ed all along… anyways, they pull over and start going at it. Corden gets to 26 before he has to open the car and spit them out on the road. Sheeran, meanwhile, stuffs 55 in his mouth before he gives up. 55 malt balls, contained in his unassuming ginger mouth. It is an alarming, fascinating piece of video. Look upon Sheeran’s mouth, distended and gorged with the chocolate treat. He has practiced this before; he may do it again. How did he not choke and die? I don’t know, but you can guess below around the 3:30 mark.