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Watch Die Antwoord’s Short Film Tommy Can’t Sleep, Co-Starring Jack Black

Die Antwoord have released a new short film called “Tommy Can’t Sleep,” starring Sixteen Jones, group members Yo-Landi Visser and Ninja’s daughter, as the titular character, and a nearly-unrecognizable Jack Black as her older self. There’s also a guest spot from actress Liz Carey.

The Yo-landi-directed film focuses on Lil Tommy, a foul-mouthed youth who sleeps with a machine gun above his bed, who is perturbed by the sound of rats roaming in the night. A half-rat version of Yo-landi shows up by his bedside to ask if Tommy likes “boobies,” “guns” and “a lot of fucking rats.” Jack Black is Tommy’s older, freak-ified self, who likes to spray-paint dicks on wall and urinate straight up in the air.

It’s part-Eraserhead, part-Freaks, part-Willard, and, mostly, Die-Antwoord-core, plain and simple. The rap group’s forthcoming album, The Book of Zef, will supposedly be their last; they shared its first single, “Love Drug,” last month. Watch “Tommy Can’t Sleep” below.