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Chelsea Manning Is a DJ

Chelsea Manning knows what’s good. After her release from prison this past May, the former intelligence analyst has returned to the world with, amongst all else, two absolutely flawless accounts on Twitter and Instagram, where she has documented everything from her first steps and first slice of freedom to her heartwarming return to the many great banalities of everyday American life. In one such tweet last night, Manning revealed that she’s a longtime fan of drum and bass, as well as a fan of trip-hop, classic house, and trance.


Not only that—she can DJ. Though she admits she’s “wayyyy out of practice,” the former intelligence analyst is a gearhead who’s “very picky” about mixers, synth cables, and the rest of it. Followers were eager to see the artist return to the decks, with some fans even suggesting they crowdfund her new gear. While she politely declined the offer, Manning was happy to talk music with her audience, noting her love of acts like the ProdigyPendulum, and more.