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Stream the Great Baby Driver Soundtrack

You might already know this, but the new movie Baby Driver opens with an absolutely virtuosic broad-daylight Atlanta car chase set to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s deathless romp “Bellbottoms.” If this isn’t enough to convince you to see this movie, then you and I are not the same. Wright cuts the car chase so that all the big moments arrive at big moments in the song, and by the time it ends, you’re left panting. It’s a trick that Wright pulls again and again in the movie, setting all of its scenes to great old pop and funk and instrumental tracks.

The movie has no score, and its soundtrack only has a couple of new songs, including the Danger Mouse/Run The Jewels/Big Boi collab “Chase Me” and Sky Ferreira’s cover of the Commodores’ “Easy.” (Ferreira is in the cast, too, playing the title character’s mother in flashbacks.) And the whole thing is impeccably selected, including instrumentals from bands like Blur and the Beach Boys who weren’t known for instrumentals, songs that you mostly know from the songs that sampled them, high-stepping funk, ’70s-rock ragers, heartbroken ballads, T. Rex’s “Deborah,” Beck’s “Debra,” and the Simon & Garfunkel song that gave the movie its name. Wright must’ve had to pay a fortune to license all those songs, and the soundtrack is as much a star of the movie as anyone onscreen. So this is one soundtrack that you should really hear, and now that the album is out, you can stream it below. (Sadly, you’ll have to buy the thing to get some of those songs, including Ferreira’s cover, since they’re missing from the stream.)

This article originally appeared on Stereogum.