Video: Girlpool – “Powerplant”

Girlpool has released a music video for the title track of their album Powerplant, out this Friday. The song itself is a moderately paced, drum-driven track, featuring chill electric guitars, a wonky piano line, and the band’s gorgeous vocals.

The video takes place in a bowling alley/arcade, showing people from different walks of life enjoying a night out, with the band performing at the location in a few scenes. But towards the end it becomes more of an anti-music-video, with the song coming to an abrupt halt and the band uncomfortably admitting to a director-figure that they just aren’t feeling the vibe. “I mean, it’s just rock’n’roll, guys,” he responds, unfazed. The video’s actual director Philip Steiger explained in a press release that the clip “is a meta-narrative nightmare exploring the power dynamics and manipulation behind an insincere candidness.”

Powerplant is out 5/12. Watch the music video below.


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