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Video: Angel Haze – “Resurrection”

Late last year, Detroit’s Angel Haze released her triumphant comeback single, “Resurrection,” an inferno of bold, boisterous rhymes over a menacing violin-laden backdrop. Today, Haze has declared it “Resurrection Day” and dropped the song’s next-level video. Shot in 5K and directed by Skyler Dahan, the visual features biblical imagery depicted in murals Haze painted with creative director Nick Francis and in the rapper’s emphatic posturing. From the color schemes to the costumes, “Resurrection” is a powerful and impeccable clip. She discussed the video’s background in an interview with Billboard:

I needed it to tell a story for me. I needed to make clear what hasn’t been clear in the past few years. I sat with my creative director, Nick Francis — he’s amazing. We talked about all these ways that we could incorporate who I actually am into my visuals. Well, I paint. I do photography. I do all sorts of artistic s–t. So we painted all the murals for the video.

It was crazy because my neighbor had just moved out of his house, and I didn’t want the paint fumes in my house. So we broke into his house and painted all his walls. These things are life-size, they’re bigger than a 6’4? man.

Regarding the sound of her forthcoming sophomore album, Haze noted that it “has texture,” and that “there’s so much singing on this album.” She also went on to talk a bit about her artistic process and current spirituality:

I’m really f–ked up right now too, because I’ve learned that I don’t even write my own music. I stopped doing every drug known to man, I didn’t drink before. I’ve been completely sober since last March. I’ve been living my life every day inside of my body, working on this kind of awareness — understanding that every area of your life is calling out to you in some way. It’s not about the Bible. It’s not about going to church. It’s not about anything other than that we are all energies connected with a force that’s greater than us. It’s an energy that’s omniscient, it covers the whole world and everybody here is created for a reason. Mine happens to be to make the music and inspire the people who are stuck in dark places.

I think it’s crazy, because if I sit down with my music like “Daughters,” I didn’t have a lyrics sheet for that. I freestyled that entire thing in the studio, and I have a take-by-take to prove it. I went on autopilot. When you do that and something else taps into you, it tells the story for you.

Watch the video for “Resurrection” below.

The article originally appeared on Stereogum.