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Latest Twin Peaks Teaser Reveals Scenes From New Season

With every new teaser of Twin Peaks, we get closer to actually seeing some of the good stuff that might happen in the new season, which premieres in just a week and a half. In Showtime’s newest clip, Lynch himself shows up as Gordon Cole–who we knew would be taking on a significant role this season–crying out “Albert!” at his curmudgeonly co-worker Albert, played by the late Miguel Ferrer.

There’s a glimpse of Shelley (Madchen Amick) out with friends at the Roadhouse, Lucy (Kimmy Robertson) at her old desk at the sheriff’s office. There’s Andy (Harry Goaz) and Coop (Kyle MacLachlan) too, and plenty of new faces. Watch below.

The two-hour premiere of Twin Peaks will air onShowtime on May 21.