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Watch a Table Reading of Steve Bannon’s Predictably Absurd Hip-Hop Musical

It’s been reported for a while that back in the ’90s, shadow president Steve Bannon penned The Thing I Am, a rewrite of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus set during the 1992 Los Angeles riots and staged as a, uh, hip-hop musical. The idea of Bannon, who would go on to run a website with a vertical devoted to “Black Crime,” trying to offer some kind of intelligent or artistic commentary on police brutality and the black community is an obviously ludicrous one, and now, we can see just how absurd it really is. NowThis, a website that describes itself as “dedicated to storytelling for the mobile social generation,” obtained a copy of Bannon’s script, and staged a partial table reading. (Rob Corddry of The Daily Show and Hot Tub Time Machine is one of the involved actors.) If you’ve got twenty minutes, you can watch them chew on the blustery dialogue, written long before Bannon would aid Donald Trump‘s rise to power by teasing a race war. No singing here, unfortunately.