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Beach House – “Chariot”

Six albums into their career, Beach House are preparing to release a B-sides and rarities compilation (helpfully titled B-Sides and Rarities) on June 30. It includes two previously unreleased songs, one of which, “Chariot,” is available to stream now. The other new one is “Baseball Diamond”—see the full track list below. Beach House are also currently on tour.

Beach House, B-Sides and Rarities

1. “Chariot”

2. “Baby”

3. “Equal Mind”

4. “Used to Be” (2008 Single Version)

5. “White Moon” (iTunes Sessions Remix)

6. “Baseball Diamond”

7. “Norway” (iTunes Session Remix)

8. “Play the Game”

9. “The Arrangement”

10. “Saturn Song”

11. “Rain in Numbers”

12. “I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun”

13. “10 Mile Stereo” (Cough Syrup Remix)

14. “Wherever You Go”

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