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Lil Yachty Is a Forlorn Lover On “Bring It Back”

For as much grief as Lil Yachty gets for not studying his hip-hop predecessors, he appears to at least know a little bit about ’80s pop music. Tonight, the 19-year-old released “Bring It Back,” a new song with heavy ’80s drums from his upcoming debut album, Teenage Emotions. It finds the perpetually happy Yachty forlorn for once, as he sings, “I know you happy where you at, but you was happier with me / All the times at the beach, all the sand in your toes, all your friends hating hoes.” It’s goofy stuff but also delightful. Update (9:13 a.m.): There’s also a video for the song; find that below, too.

Listen to “Bring It Back” below.