Here’s a Lana Del Rey Interview About Nothing

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Lana Del Rey is the face of another fashion glossy, with a June cover for Elle U.K. The issue won’t hit newsstands until May 16, but a few photos and quotes from what’s billed as a “candid interview” are online now. If you’ve ever wondered what Lana Del Rey believes the point of life is, consider your questions answered:

“I think happiness is the ultimate life goal. I think it’s the only thing that’s important. There are no mechanisms in place for routes to happiness, that’s the whole f**king problem.”

Likewise, if you’ve ever wondered how Lana Del Rey feels about her persona, and whether that persona wears blue jeans:

“I know that if I had more of a persona [before], I have less of one now. And I think it comes down to getting a little older. Maybe I needed a stronger look or something to lean on then. But I feel like it wouldn’t be hard for me today to play a mega show in jeans without rehearsing and still feel like I was coming from the right place.”

She also had this commentary about the United States’ volatile political situation:

“I think it would be weird to be making a record during the past 18 months and not comment on how [the political landscape] was making me or the people I know feel, which is not good. It would be really difficult if my views didn’t line up with what a lot of what people are saying.”

A lot of people are saying it, and everyone knows. Queen of using lots of words to be vague. Lana… thank you.

Lust for Life, no official release date yet announced.


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