What Exactly Is This Katy Perry “Bon Appétit” Art Installation?

Today, Vanity Fair posted a video titled “Katy Perry Goes Undercover as an Art Exhibit at the Whitney Museum,” which almost describes the actual footage therein. The video depicts the singer setting up a fake exhibit at the New York City art museum, in which she sits under a table dressed to look like the cover of her single “Bon Appétit,” with her head poking out and covered by a metal dome. It all looks like the pilot of a prank show MTV declined to pick up.

The set-up is greased by Derek Blasberg, a staffer at both Vanity Fair and the Gagosian Gallery. Blasberg goes out into the Whitney’s public areas and convinces unsuspecting visitors to see an unlisted exhibit by “Katheryn Hudson”—aka, get this, Katy Perry. The volunteers are eventually shuffled into a small, dark room baring the table, before Blasberg removes the metal dome, revealing Perry’s head. You get the sense that the viewers are supposed to be shocked, or confused, or amazed, but they mostly look bored, or annoyed:

What Exactly Is This Katy Perry What Exactly Is This Katy Perry

It’s a fitting tribute to “Bon Appétit” the song, which wants to be daring and edgy but is weirdly limp and untitillating, leaving you with an intense desire to spend your time doing literally anything else. Watch the full “prank” video below:


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