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What the Hell Is Katy Perry’s #BonAppetitChallenge?

To promote her latest single “Bon Appétit,Katy Perry has shared a video of herself getting sprayed in the face with water, and is asking her fans to partake in something called the #BonAppetitChallenge. It’s bizarre. Here, watch it:


While Katy Perry does sit in a hot tub of broth in the terrible music video for “Bon Appétit,” it’s unclear how this challenge is in any way related to the song or what it actually entails. When a fan pointed this out, Katy Perry gave some instructions on how to participate: “try and look sexy while you’re being hit with water somehow,” she wrote on Twitter. She elaborated on Instagram: “DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO LOOK LIKE A WHILE BEING HIT/SOAKED/SPRINKLED WITH WATER CAN YOU HOLD YOUR COMPOSURE LIKE A POPSTAR BEING SPRITZED SHOW ME YOUR #bonappetitchallenge (aka pour some water over your face aka poor mans bucket challenge aka just look sexy while playing #BonAppetit ?).”

When your song is bad and makes everyone feel uncomfortable, and its video is weird as hell, desperate promotional tactics are called for, I guess.

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