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House of Cards Releases Season 5 Trailer

House of Cards, a show about a corrupt, egomaniacal United States president who’ll do anything to hold onto his power, has released the first trailer for its upcoming season. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s a little tougher to watch in 2017. (The last season concluded with Kevin Spacey’s President Underwood launching a needless war to maintain his flagging popularity, which is the actual situation happening in the Donald Trump White House.) But it’s intriguing, in the show’s typical dramatic way, offering viewers the catharsis of wondering what it would be like if the evil president was at least just a fictional construct, whose decisions had no influence on reality. The trailer concludes with Underwood threatening to run in each presidential race for the next couple decades, surely enough to send any fragile liberal to a conspiratorial Twitter thread about how Trump is going to be impeached any day now. Watch it below. The new season debuts May 30.