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Hear a Bit Of Fleet Foxes’ “Thumbprint Scar” From Crack-Up Listening Party

After six years between albums, Seattle folk stars Fleet Foxes will finally return next month with Crack-Up, their third LP. For most of us, the only song we’ve been able to hear is the grandly proggy nine-minute single “Third Of May / ?daigahara.” But a lucky few have gotten to hear the whole thing. Yesterday in Los Angeles, frontman Robin Pecknold hosted a Los Angeles listening party for 20 of his Instagram followers. And on his Instagram account, he posted a few photos from that party, as well as a video that featured a few seconds of the new song “Thumbprint Scar,” which, from what we can hear, sounds very Fleet Foxesy. Check it out below.

In the comments of that Instagram video, Pecknold’s father left a comment with a few details about the new song: “It’s the second part of ‘I am all that I Need/Arroyo Seco’. Thanks to certain genetic privileges, I have access to and have listened to the whole album over 150 times. Not tired of it yet.”

And in another Instagram post, Robin Pecknold let it be known that his brother Sean Pecknold, who previously directed Fleet Foxes’ videos for “Grown Ocean” and “The Shrine/An Argument,” has directed another clip for the band:

Crack-Up is out 6/16 on Nonesuch.

This article originally appeared on Stereogum.

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