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Foo Fighters Share “Mixtape Generator” That Creates Customizable Spotify Playlists

For Foo Fighters fans seeking to kill some time on this Friday afternoon, here’s a new “mixtape generator” interactive site from the band. The site, which is designed to look like a fan’s bedroom, asks you a series of questions that determine what Foos tunes end up on your playlist. If you link the site to your Spotify account, your personal greatest hits becomes available for listening on the streaming service.

I told the generator to choose songs that followed a “Cruising” vibe (some other options are “Sporting,” “Commute,” and “On a Run”) and selected an image of a Foo Fighters concert poster from 1995. The playlist it gave me featured classic tracks like “Learn to Fly” and “I’ll Stick Around” alongside some newer material. Try the site here.

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