Cornelius Returns With Mellow Waves, First New Album in 11 Years

Japanese producer Cornelius, aka Keigo Oyamada, is back with Mellow Waves, his first new album since 2006’s Sensuous. He’s also shared a new song, “???????? (If You’re Here).” Mellow Waves drops June 28 in Japan and July 21 throughout the rest of the world. Hear the new single below, and check out Mellow Waves‘ album art and tracklist below.

Cornelius Returns With <i>Mellow Waves</i>, First New Album in 11 Years” title=”MellowWaves_cover_1st” data-original-id=”240257″ data-adjusted-id=”240257″ class=”sm_size_full_width sm_alignment_center ” />
<p><strong><i>Mellow Waves:</i></strong><br />
1. If You’re Here<br />
2. Sometime/Someplace<br />
3. Dear Future Person<br />
4. Surfing on Mind Wave pt 2<br />
5. In a Dream<br />
6. Helix/Spiral<br />
7. Mellow Yellow Feel<br />
8. The Spell of a Vanishing Loneliness<br />
9. The Rain Song<br />
10. Crépuscule</p>
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