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Chromatics’ Johnny Jewel Announces New Album Not Called Dear Tommy

Johnny Jewel of Chromatics has announced a new album called Windswept. It features music from the upcoming third season of Twin Peaks, and it’s set to be released May 10, shortly before the show’s Showtime premiere on May 21. (Here’s today’s new Twin Peaks trailer, while we’re at it.) The atmospheric, Great Northern Hotel-y title track from Windswept is available right now; listen to it below.

Last night, we learned that Chromatics’ long-awaited album Dear Tommy was never released because Jewel physically destroyed 25,00 copies of it 2015. That album still doesn’t have a release date, but is purportedly “closer,” as we all are to death.

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Johnny Jewel, Windswept
1. “Television Snow”
2. “Windswept”
3. “Saturday”
4. “Missing Pages”
5. “The Crimson Kiss”
6. “Strobe Lights”
7. “Heaven”
8. “Slow Dreams”
9. “Insomnia”
10. “Motel”
11. “Between Worlds”
12. “The Flame”
13. “Stardust”
14. “Blue Moon”