A Giant Dog – “Photograph”

Too bad making lo-fi mixtapes for long-term partners isn’t really a thing anymore, because A Giant Dog‘s new single “Photograph” would be a perfect choice. Over a relentlessly fun pop-punk riff, the band’s Andrew Cashen and Sabrina Ellis sing-shout about the raunchiness and humor it takes to make relationships last: “I wanna make you come if you can make me laugh / Wanna spin you upside down like a rodeo between the sheets.”

“Photograph” is the first single from the Austin, Texas band’s newly announced album Toy, out August 25 from Merge Records. The title is in keeping with A Giant Dog’s three previous albums: 2012’s Fight, 2013’s Bone, and 2016’s Pile. Check out the cover art and full track list (including a feature from Spoon‘s Britt Daniel and what looks like a Radiohead cover) below.

A Giant Dog –

A Giant Dog, Toy
1. “Get Away”
2. “Fake Plastic Trees”
3. “Bendover”
4. “Toy Gun”
5. “Lucky Ponderosa”
6. “Photograph”
7. “Roller Coaster” (ft. Britt Daniel)
8. “Angst in My Pants”
9. “Tongue Tied
10. “Hero fFor the Weekend”
11. “Making Movies”
12. “Night Terror”
13. “Survive”


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