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Mogwai – “Coolverine”

Scottish post-rock titans Mogwai have announced a new album, Every Country’s Sun, due out September 1, their first since 2014’s Rave Tapes. Today, the band shared the first cut from the record, the slow-burning and explosive “Coolverine.” Take the first spin below. Every Country’s Sun will drop on Temporary Residence in North America, and on Rock Action Records in the UK.


01 “Coolverine”
02 “Party In The Dark”
03 “Brain Sweeties”
04 “Crossing The Road Material”
05 “aka 47?
06 “20 Size”
07 “1000 Foot Face”
08 “Don’t Believe The Fife”
09 “Battered At The Scramble”
10 “Old Poisons”
11 “Every Country’s Sun”