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Watch a Completely Bizarre Conversation Between 2 Chainz and John Kasich on The View

Here’s a weird thing you can watch this afternoon, if you want to feel uncomfortable: 2 Chainz being interviewed by the hosts of The View and Ohio governor/former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a cross-disciplinary conversation going.

Chainz begins by speaking thoughtfully about the Manchester bombing, before raising the issue of him potentially running for mayor of his hometown of College Park, Georgia. A guffawing Kasich makes a suggestion: “Just make sure you drop the yo, though!”

Below is a still of Whoopi Goldberg’s face immediately following that moment:

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Later, Kasich, after once again declaring himself a “friend of Bono,” displayed a weird, potentially-totally-fake familiarity of the lay of the land in terms of modern rap music. He said he “used to really love to” listen to Kanye with his kids before commenting, with some degree of awe, on the rise of Nicki Minaj: “[She] seems to be working with everybody, including Ariana Grande.”

A few questions for next week’s class: Does John Kasich like “Swish Swish”? Does he prefer The College Dropout or Late Registration? Might he concur that “Where U Been?” is musical manna from the gods? Analyze the video below and decide for yourself.