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Please Watch Wiz Khalifa’s 4-Year-Old Son Sing Every Word to Chicago’s “Hard to Say I’m Sorry”

Videos of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose‘s 4-year-old son demonstrating his avid love of the band Chicago have recently come to our attention. Watch young balladeer Sebastian, deadly cute, first mouth the words to the AM-rock kings’ 1982 hit “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” idly, as he looks out the window of Wiz’s SUV. Then, once he takes notice of the camera, he performs in earnest for his IG audience. Commanding us entirely with his half-lidded stare, he hits the emphases perfectly on the chorus, and then nearly hurts himself while getting into the guitar solo a little bit too hard. It remains to be seen whether Sebastian will become a better musician than his father, but it seems possible.

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