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Hear the “Nine Inch Nails Mix” of Todd Rundgren’s Song With Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, “Deaf Ears”

Last week, Todd Rundgren released a new song, “Deaf Ears,” created with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. The version we heard came from Rundgren’s upcoming album White Knight, but it turns out Reznor also created an alternate, even bleaker “Nine Inch Nails mix.” Reznor shared it this afternoon with the following caption:

Todd Rundgren is a hero of mine. His records (solo and Utopia!), his songwriting, his production and his musicianship… all played a huge role shaping me into who I am. I still listen to (and study) A Wizard, A True Star and Something / Anything regularly, and I suggest you do, too. Atticus and I sent Todd a wealth of ideas for his new record. He worked on this track and released the “proper” version here: We then took what he did and and moved it forward (or backward, depending on your perspective) into this.
TR (not Todd Rundgren, the other TR)

White Knight arrives May 12. Hear “Deaf Ears (Nine Inch Nails mix)” below.