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Blame These Songs for the Chainsmokers

Today, the Chainsmokers shared a written list of 19 songs that inspired them to make music. Amongst other excellent selections from your college years, it includes “Everything on Justice’s Cross.” (Technically, that makes it 30 songs, but who’s counting?) Here are some alternative headlines for this post:

The Chainsmokers’ Favorite Songs Include “Everything on Justice’s Cross

Chainsmokers Rudely Forget to Thank Formative Influence Ratatat

The Chainsmokers’ Desert Island Songs Are Your Dumb Roommate’s Party Playlist From 2008

The Chainsmokers Have the Same Taste In Music as The Most Basic Hipster Motherfucker You Knew In College

The Chainsmokers Were Definitely Rich

Here Are 19 Songs Better Than Every Chainsmokers Single