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What’s Up With These Mysterious Radiohead Posters?

A crop of cryptic new posters in cities around the world is putting Radiohead fans in a bit of a tizzy. Each piece of black-and-white text art feature the words “MORE FEAR” and the years “1997  2017,” which has more than a few people thinking about the upcoming 20th anniversary of OK Computer, first released May 21, 1997.

Spotters have documented examples of posters in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Melbourne, and New York City under the #morefear tag on Instagram. As one photographer noted, the poster text reads like “a more cynical” “Fitter, Happier,” the robotic recitation at the the center of OK Computer. Internet sleuths also dug up this old image, a similar text design said to originate from the album’s 1997 promotional artwork.


Slaves Aren’t Educated #MoreFear

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At this point, the smart Radiohead fan knows to check in with the band’s longtime artist, Stanley Donwood. What’s he up to? According to Donwood’s Instagram, he’s painting a mural inside the cupola at the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht, Netherlands, a project the museum’s website (via Google Translate) says he’ll complete in May. Hmm.