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Paul Simon’s Entire House Isn’t Actually Falling Off a Cliff, Despite Reports

Paul Simon is one of several wealthy and famous people who own mansions in Montauk, New York, at the furthest tip of Long Island. Being almost entirely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Montauk has an erosion problem. Until recently, its most notable victim was the historic Montauk Lighthouse, which is 200 feet closer to the water than it used to be. This week, it’s Paul Simon.

As Page Six reported Monday, work is underway to move a cottage on the grounds of Simon’s estate 80 feet inland. Until recently, it was within ten feet of falling off a cliff. This has (understandably) set off a round of punny news stories about Simon’s house “slip slidin’ away” into the sea.

This is not Simon’s house, though—it’s a one-story building on his property. (In the satellite image above, it’s the light gray roof alarmingly close to the ocean.) Judging by Page Six’s photo, it was already boarded up. And, according to that story, “an unidentified relative” lives in the house—presumably the multi-story mansion to the right, not the boarded-up shack, where Paul Simon definitely does not live.