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Watch a Trailer for Netflix’s Newest True Crime Docuseries The Keepers

Netflix haven’t been churning out true crime docs like they do standup specials, but the frequency is continuing to build. The Keeepers, the latest announcement by the streaming service is a bit grander-scale than recent entries to Netflix’s original docudrama lineup like Amanda Knox, Team Foxcatcher, and Aubrie and Daisy: It’s a seven-part docuseries about the unsolved murder of Sister Catherine “Cathy” Cesnik, a Catholic school teacher in Baltimore who vanished in 1969 for two months before her body was discovered.

At first glance, The Keepers doesn’t seem like it will quite have the scope of Making a Murderer, whose popular first season highlighted deep systemic issues in the criminal justice system in disenfranchised, isolated communities. But Cesnik’s story also ties in with a widespread pattern of corruption and sexual abuse within the school in which she worked and the Catholic church in Baltimore.

“There’s the on-the-record story of what happened to Sister Cathy…and then there’s the world beneath,” says one talking head, with a dramatic percussive hit in the music breaking up the phrases. It scans like on-the-nose stuff in an entertainment-industry landscape that is currently overrun with true crime programming. Nonetheless, there is a depth to this tragic story beyond the mere whodunit appeal.

Watch the trailer for The Keepers, which premieres May 17, below.