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Morrissey Walks Off Mid-Concert After Losing Voice

Black-on-the-inside singer Morrissey cut his Tucson, AZ concert short on Monday night after losing his voice during the performance. The frontman was performing “Everyday Is Like Sunday” when he suddenly walked off the stage after straining to get the lyrics out. A band member had to explain to the audience what had happened: “His voice is shot. You heard it. He’s been trying, trying really hard. He came out, he tried. His voice is really shot. We’re sorry. He’s sorry. You know he tried.” A picture of James Baldwin, staring in trademark indignation, was featured on the band’s drum kit.

Morrissey reportedly told the crowd about his vocal issues before the walk-off, saying, “It seems I have left half my mouth in Guadalajara. But I will stand here and I will sing, and, if necessary, I will drop dead.” Watch the video of his cancellation below.