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Danger Doom’s Previously Unreleased “Mad Nice” Is Comfort Food for MF DOOM Fans

NEW YORK - JUNE 28: Rapper MF DOOM performs at a benefit concert for the Rhino Foundation at Central Park's Rumsey Playfield on June 28, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

MF DOOM and Danger Mouse released The Mouse and the Mask, their one-off album as Danger Doom, 12 years ago. Like much of DOOM’s catalog, the album is stoned and affable, if occasionally virtuosic. The Mouse and the Mask doesn’t match the heights of his other big collaborative record from the area, but it certainly rises far above its origins as promotional material for late-night cartoons: The album was billed as having been “inspired by” Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, and it features appearances from the likes of Meatwad and Master Shake alongside more expected guests like Talib Kweli and Ghostface Killah.

Now, DOOM’s Metalface Records is reissuing The Mouse and the Mask, and today, they’ve shared the previously unheard cut “Mad Nice,” which features a verse from Black Thought of the Roots. (No Aqua Teen characters, though.) If you’re a DOOM fan in the mood for his particular brand of heavy-lidded free association, you’ll find something to enjoy, whether it’s Danger Mouse’s nostalgic piano loops or DOOM’s bars about beat-up Camaros and sparrows with bad toes. Listen below.