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Lil Yachty’s Reaction to Kendrick Lamar’s “BLOOD.” is Extremely Good

Kendrick Lamar‘s brand new LP DAMN. begins with an anecdote that sounds like the rapper describing a dream he’s had. Kendrick encounters a blind woman searching for something on the street and asks her what she’s lost, but instead of answering his questions, she offers up a head-exploding-GIF mindfuck:”Oh yes, you have lost something. You’ve lost your life!” Then: a resounding gunshot.

Lil Yachty, who also released some music last night, was puzzling his way through this one along with everyone else streaming the Kendrick album. His real-time, question-based reaction to “BLOOD.” is good enough to make one want to cut-and-paste his commentary over the audio on the album.

Watch the video, and stream DAMN. in full below.