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Kirin J Callinan Announces New Album Bravado, Releases “S.A.D.” Video

A great Kirin J Callinan single just got promoted to title track of the Australian absurdist’s second album. Bravado is out June 9 from Terrible Records and features a bunch of guest stars from indie’s left field (Mac DeMarco, Weyes Blood, Connan Mockasin, Alex Cameron, Sean Nicholas Savage, Owen Pallett), as well as No Wave saxophonist James Chance and noted whistler Molly Lewis.

Callinan’s previous album was 2013’s Eracism. Today’s announcement comes with a new video for the song “S.A.D.,” featuring Callinan cavorting in Cuba. (Before you watch it at work, his publicists would like to warn you there’s a little dick slip at the 2:50 mark.)

Find the video, album artwork (by photographer Danny Cohen), and the full list of tracks and guests below; find Callinan’s current tour dates with Tame Impala offshoot Pond via Facebook.

Correction: The Molly Lewis featured on Callinan’s album is professional whistler Molly Lewis, not professional YouTube ukulele player Molly Lewis.

Kirin J Callinan Announces New Album <i>Bravado</i>, Releases “S.A.D.” Video” title=”kirin-j-callnian-bravado-1493215094″ data-original-id=”237187″ data-adjusted-id=”237187″ class=”sm_size_full_width sm_alignment_center ” /></p>
<p><strong>Kirin J Callinan, </strong><em><strong>Bravado</strong><br />
</em>1. “My Moment” (ft. Sean Nicholas Savage)<br />
2. “S.A.D.”<br />
3. “Down 2 Hang” (ft. James Chance)<br />
4. “Living Each Day” (ft. Connan Mockasin)<br />
5. “Big Enough” (ft. Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis, Jimmy Barnes)<br />
6. “Family Home” (ft. The Finn Family)<br />
7. “Tellin’ Me This” (ft. Jorge Elbrecht)<br />
8. “This Whole Town” (ft. Star)<br />
9. “Friend of Lindy Morrison” (ft. Weyes Blood, Mac DeMarco, Owen Pallett)<br />
10. “Bravado”</p>
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