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Kate Bush Says She Was Never in Talks to Play Coachella After All

A profile of Coachella’s head of booking Paul Tollett in The New Yorker this week makes the passing claim that Tollett advocated against booking Kate Bush for the festival sometime during the past few years, claiming that “no one is going to understand it.” The second-hand quote came from a booking agent who advises Tollett, Marc Geiger, but it seems Geiger’s example may have been hypothetical, or at least implied that negotiations with Bush’s team were further along than they actually were.

A representative for Bush told Pitchfork that Bush’s last run of 22 shows in 2014 were the only ones the reclusive singer-songwriter had intended to do at that time. “It was never Kate’s intention to play any more shows than she did in London,” the representative wrote. “The show was conceived for a very specific type of venue. No discussions were ever had with Kate about playing any festival, including Coachella.” And thus, Tollett’s reputation as a guy who knows what he’s talking about was narrowly preserved.