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EMA Releases “Aryan Nation,” First Single From New Album Exile in the Outer Ring

After announcing the release of a new album on Twitter last month, EMA is ready to share some music. Exile in the Outer Ring arrives August 25 from City Slang, and the first single bears the title “Aryan Nation.” In a Facebook statement, EMA described the song as an indictment of white supremacy, inspired in part by the 2006 U.K. skinhead drama This Is England:

The track is called “Aryan Nation”. I actually wrote this song about 3 years ago and it was partially inspired by the movie ‘This Is England’. In the movie a group of non-racist UK skinheads in the 80s are radicalized through prison, poverty, and needless war. The results are violent and tragic. When I watched it I felt like I recognized a glimmer of their hopelessness and confusion in parts of America, but I had no clue how much that would explode in 2017.

Hear “Aryan Nation” below (or safely click through to YouTube—the comments are deactivated), and find the Exile in the Outer Ring track list below.

EMA, Exile in the Outer Ring
1. “7 Years”
2. “Breathalyzer”
3. “I Wanna Destroy”
4. “Blood and Chalk”
5. “Down and Out”
6. “Fire Water Air LSD”
7. “Aryan Nation”
8. “33 Nihilistic and Female”
9. “Receive Love”
10. “Always Bleeds”
11. “Where The Darkness Began”

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