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Watch Dave Grohl Talk About Embarrassing Childhood Moments in Conversation With His Mom

Dave Grohl’s mom released a new book this week, in which she interviews the mothers of rock stars about what it was like to raise their children. This morning, the Grohls released a new video promoting the book, From Cradle To Stage: Stories From The Mothers Who Rocked And Raised Rock Stars.

This new and very funny promo video shows Grohl in his studio on the phone with Mrs. Grohl. “You know, it’s a great book, mom, I love it to death,” Grohl says in the video, “but, you know, when I see the picture of me with a Scott Baio haircut, that’s not conducive to my rock’n’roll rebel image.” He is shown leafing through the book and contemplating the many embarrassing details it reveals about his childhood. (The video does indeed display the Scott Baio haircut yearbook photo.)

Watch the video below.