You Can Hear the First Wrens Album Since 2003 at Their Brooklyn Home

(Photo by Absolutely Kosher Records)

The Wrens have famously not released an album since 2003’s The Meadowlands. Yesterday, the band announced on Facebook that they would be offering fans an advanced listen of their new album from their home in Brooklyn. In the midst of a brutal snow day and the fluster of confusion surrounding SXSW flights for many East Coasters, they quietly dropped this status:

The post sparked a flurry of commenters eager to get a taste of the band’s long-awaited follow-up to The Meadowlands. One Londoner just “six tube stops” from the city’s Heathrow Airport wrote, “DO NOT TEMPT ME, BISSELL.” “This is casual, like coming by to look at a painting,” frontman Charles Bissell wrote amongst the giddy.

It’s not quite a “show up whenever you want” scenario—eager fans have to make an appointment first. But if you’re around, and by chance in the Park Slope area, you’ve got your shot to see what’s been under wraps for all this time. Previously, the Wrens were thought to have finished the Meadowlands follow-up in 2014. 


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