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Watch This Jazz Drummer Provide Insane Accompaniment to Charlie Ranting in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Over the weekend, the following video was inescapable on my Facebook feed. It’s by an Irish musician named David Dockery, who translated the frenzied dialogue of a classic It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia scene into equally manic drumming. The scene is Charlie Kelly’s deranged “Pepe Silvia” conspiracy theory monologue, from Season 4’s “Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack, which you might recognize as a meme even if you haven’t seen the episode.” Watching Dockery tackle it is impressive from a purely musical standpoint, plus it will you a new appreciation for the insanely complex comic timing of Charlie and Mac’s back-and-forth.

Dockery published his video to Facebook on Wednesday, and at the time of this writing it’s racked up 2.4 million views. It’s also inspired an equally delightful video from a bassist performing under the name MonoNeon, who added his own funky fusion lines to Dockery’s percussion and Charlie’s ranting. Watch that below.