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Ty Segall Announces Assterpiece Theatre Art Exhibition

Ty Segall is planning an art show. The exhibition, appropriately called Assterpiece Theatre, will be shown at Chicago’s Soccer Club Club. (That’s not a typo.) The exhibit opens March 26, with a performance from Rian Murphy and DJs Hippie Whorehouse. 

Here’s how how his art was described in a press release issued by his label Drag City: “deep and vivid… observations made en courant, passing swiftly and intuitively past the archetypal images that once defined a civilization but are now broken down beyond meaning. Whether regarding a strongman on the beach, fawned over by a platinum pinup or a pornographic priestess, wares held forth for all to see, Ty’s confident line breaks them unsympathetically into component parts, scoring the blanks within without them with pawing of color, smears of texture.”

Check out an example below. [Stereogum]

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