Trainspotting‘s Irvine Welsh Co-Writing New TV Series About Origin of Acid House

IBIZA, SPAIN - AUGUST 21: People dance at Privilege Club in Sant Rafael, on August 21, 2013 near Ibiza, Spain. The small island of Ibiza lies within the Balearics islands, off the coast of Spain. For many years Ibiza has had a reputation as a party destination. Each year thousands of young people gather to enjoy not only the hot weather and the beaches but also the array of clubs with international DJ's playing to vast audiences. Ibiza has also gained a reputation for drugs and concerns are now growing that the taking and trafficking of drugs is spiralling out of control. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Trainspotting writer Irvine Welsh and co-screenwriter Dean Cavanagh are collaborating on the script for a new TV drama series about the rise of acid house and rave culture in the U.K., FACT reports. Ibiza87 is loosely based on the experiences of Nicky Holloway, Paul Oakenfold, and Danny Rampling, friends who went on to become influential DJs after an (in)famous trip to Ibiza in 1987. All three men are attached to the project, and will compile its soundtrack.

“I’m very excited about this project,” Oakenfold said in a press release. “As you know, it ties in with the 30-year anniversary of our trip to Ibiza and what followed thereafter; the birth of the dance music club and festival scene as we know it today. It’s great to celebrate with this project as well as my world tour this year which is about just that, three generations of dance music.”

Series co-writer Cavanagh is a frequent collaborator on Welsh screenplays, and he’s also a former music journalist with a long personal history in the U.K. club scene.

Ibiza87 is currently in development; no release date has been announced. It’s not the only piece of British rave nostalgia expected in the near future: Earlier this year, we saw a first trailer for They Call It Acida documentary about the origins of U.K. acid house.


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