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New Music: Tim Heidecker – “Mar A Lago”

Comedian and increasingly active singer-songwriter Tim Heidecker‘s continuing series of Donald Trump-related songs has a new entry, and this time, it’s from the president’s perspective. The Casiotone-“Kokomo” vibes of “Mar A Lago,” which Heidecker posted to his Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages yesterday, mark a stylistic departure for Heidecker’s Trump series, which mostly consists of piano ballads (“Trump Tower,” “Trump Talkin’ Nukes,” “Richard Spencer.”)

In the song, Heidecker-as-Trump ruminates on how much he prefers his Florida hideaway to his government-designated homebase (the “haunted mansion”). The bridge is the song’s most notable detour: “And it makes me feel like I got a real big penis/Playing golf with retired baseball stars…” In the end, Trump settles down where he’s most comfortable: in bed between Jared and Ivanka.

All sales from Heidecker’s Bandcamp go to charity, but “Mar A Lago”‘s proceeds, specifically, are currently being put towards to The Everglades Foundation. Listen and download below.